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Boxed Meal Program

Institutional FeedingBoxed Meal Program

Boxed Meal Program

Our Boxed meal program is ideal for institutional feeding. These convenient prepared boxed meals deliver everything you need for a quick and delicious meal. Each box contains drink, fruit snack and sandwich components – including premium sliced lunch meat and cheeses – complete with condiments.

The boxed meals are packed in an environmentally friendly, cardboard box with clear over wrap and are assembled in our USDA building under a certified HACCP program. Since our boxed meals are made to order, they can be easily customized to meet your needs.

The savings obtained by institutional customers who take advantage of the boxed meal program span from a reduction in cost in administration to a significant decrease in packaging costs and are outlined below:

Labor Savings

  • Reduction in overtime

Administration Time Savings

  • Reduction in ordering, receiving and payments required for multiple vendors

Storage Space Savings

  • Space is only required for boxed meal pallets with 1050 meals per pallet

Security Savings

  • Clear, sealed wrapper prohibits hidden contraband

Trash Reduction

  • All boxes and packaging from various components is eliminated. Shipping cartons are returned to Harvest Farms