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boxed meal program

Expanding Capabilities

  • Boxed Meal Programs
  • Meal Kits
  • Prepackaged & Sliced Lunch Meats
  • Prepackaged Bread
  • Frozen Vegetables
  • Frozen Fruit & Fruit Juices
  • Emergency Response Feeding

Did You Know?

Since 1947, Harvest Farms has been focused on providing flexible, solutions-based manufacturing and distribution capabilities. Innovation is the hallmark of Harvest Farms and drives our product development team. We provide a myriad of manufacturing capabilities at our USDA and HACCP Certified repacking facility. These capabilities allow Harvest Farms to provide value to our customers while easily adapting to their individual requirements.

Never hesitate to ask what the skilled folks at Harvest Farms can do for you!


Manufacturing and production of our boxed meal program takes place in a 26,500 square foot production plant adjoining Harvest Farms’ USDA facility. Additionally, the facility meets all the HACCP requirements per government regulations and has been approved by the USDA for product export to Mexico. There is a tremendous amount of investment in both equipment and personnel to support the boxed meal program. The facility is a stand-alone building outfitted with refrigerated and dry storage, as well as two production lines. The personnel take great pride in putting out quality lunches.

Currently, the plant is running over 30,000 meals per day with the capability of producing 50,000 meals per day . . . Read More