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Sliced Meats

Sliced Meats

Harvest Farms produces over 500,000 packages of individual prepackaged lunchmeat every week for inclusion in our Boxed Meals, as well as for delivery to Institutional facilities throughout the country that prefer to make their own lunches.

Each package contains 2 – 1 ounce slices of these high quality lunchmeats. The Prepackaged Lunchmeat is then delivered in 20 pound cases containing 160 individual packages each.

Two slices of lunchmeat are sealed in each clear plastic package that has an “EASY OPEN” feature and “QUICK-TO-ASH” characteristics.

Harvest Farms’ 2oz sliced lunchmeat provide a variety of benefits, including:

  • Ease of use & portion control
  • 100% yield
  • Extended shelf life:
    45 days refrigerated
    120 days frozen
  • Variety of flavors including low sodium options
  • Wholesome – USDA inspected
  • Field tested & proven (Over 50 million served annually!)
    • Harvest Farms offers a wide variety of sliced lunchmeat and cheeses, including low sodium options. Distributed nationally, these items are individually packaged for ease of use and portion control.

      Please click here for a list of our current offerings and specifications.