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Emergency Feeding

Emergency Feeding

Harvest Farms is staffed and equipped to respond immediately and provide emergency feeding assistance to facilities affected by emergency situations. With the exception of bread and fruit, which is received every few days to guarantee freshness, Harvest Farms warehouses enough additional food products to provide over 50,000 meals.

Harvest Farms maintains complete control of producing, shipping and meeting your emergency meal needs. Each meal is produced in our Harvest Farms facility and shipped on our trucks. We are not dependent on any outside sources to produce or deliver our emergency feeding meals to you.

Our ability to react in emergencies has been proven repeatedly. Most recently, after Hurricane Katrina, Harvest Farms assembled and delivered 5 truckloads of boxed meal kits in just 3 days to support ongoing FEMA efforts.

We hope you will never have an emergency that requires our services, but in the event an emergency arises, you can be assured Harvest Farms will provide your emergency feeding relief in a timely manner.